Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Time to try this out I suppose.

I've read the blog ramblings of several people, among them love child, Elsie Flannigan, primarily because she is just such an interesting case of young, creative, unabashed scrap booking/art/mixed media talent. Man, can that girl crank out the work. She wears me out just reading her entries. What I really like about her blog is that she has loads of photos of what she is seeing and doing all the time. I think it takes some real guts to put yourself out there the way she and millions of other people do, so I thought I might try and crack this creative shell of mine by doing the same thing.

What am I interested in? Beautiful, interesting visual art... collage, painting, fiber art, photography, mixed media. Just all kinds of creative imagery. I like to make cards, paint in watercolor and oils and recently I have gained an interest in Artist Trading Cards. I haven't made any trades yet, but, I am working on these cards just to get kick started.

So, this blog has been created to track that journey too. I really just want to see where all this stuff takes me.