Monday, January 14, 2008

Mixed Media Hearts

I just finished these art cards for a mixed media heart swap. I really enjoy creating images that incorporate love and hearts etc. While laying in bed yesterday morning I decided to use foil or metal on all of them. It's so much fun to get a brainstorm, kick into high gear and just whip out my vision. I've always loved the tin ornaments and retablos of the hispanic people of the southwest, so I thought I would work with some remotely similar images.

This one's called "Uncontrollable Love." We've all been there at least once. Now you know you have. Even if the other person isn't really reciprocating, it still counts.

This one is "Retablo Heart." I did a little research and found out that a true retablo must tell a story of thanks and have an image of the person in the story. Even though it doesn't follow those guidelines, I still like the similarity it shares with traditional hispanic tin art. My heart was made with metal aluminum duct tape.

I think this is a good rule of thumb for just about everyone to follow.

"Can't Buy Me Love"
This was made with a recycled playing card and the foil that comes on the chocolate coins at Chanuka. We're not Jewish, but, my kids love those chocolates and we always put some in our advent calender during the holidays as a treat. Yeah, well, okay... I like the chocolate too.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Finally, My New Website Under Construction

Over New Years we traveled to Houston to meet our new niece Leah (I think I spelled her name right) and to visit with Con and Mary. What a relaxing "retreat" for us. The calm of the trip was a bit unexpected since the kids were with us most of the time. During that time I began a dialogue with Mary about her website, which promotes and supports her work as a prayer and meditation teacher/guide. She completely inspired me to take the leap and start working on a site for my art work. Upon returning home, I set to work. Amazingly after only four days of reading and fumbling my way around my computer and the web, I finally set one up today. It is, of course, still under construction technically, but, I am so excited to simply post a page with the address for this blog and my etsy store. VERY EXCITED!! Now I just need to figure out the design and execute that piece of the puzzle which I am concerned will be the piece of the puzzle that really kicks me in the butt. I'm determined though to accomplish it with a little help from my "Learning Web Design" Book.

I took most of December off from ATC land, but, managed to bang out some rolos for trade which are posted below. Next up is my first ever chunky book swap and a mixed media valentine swap. I love hearts and valentines, so that one should be a very joyful experience. I'm also determined to finish my parents long awaited 50th anniversary album, which they have patiently been awaiting since March of 2007. Sorry Mom and Dad! I am working on it and hope to have it done in time for your 51st. **big cheesy grin** I'll post some of those pages too as I go. They are fun so far.

Until next time then...
Oh... and by the way, my new site address is