Monday, October 13, 2008

Incredibly Creative Day!!

I think I've discovered the secret (for me anyway) to loosing weight. Just hang out in the studio with no kids around for six hours straight, making art and having fun. OMG!! I took the kids to school this morning, came home and went to "my room" determined not to let anything get in the way of making art today. I finished three pieces that I had started before, began and finished two and started another three new ones. I listed five new things in my etsy store today as well. I didn't actually come up for food and water until after 2.

Let me know what you think of my new stuff. It's mostly watercolor, but, there are a few other things in there too just for fun. If you want to see more detail shots or even purchase one, just visit my etsy site (

"Penny Rug Pair"
More of my colorful circle shapes.

Recently, there was a fatal car accident here in Denver where a man slammed his vehicle into an ice cream shop. Ironically, I had already begun working on this piece. Two women and a little boy were killed that day. This painting is dedicated to them.

"I Always Miss You When You're Gone"
When my husband is out of town on business, I never sleep very well, but, my little pink water bottle at least helps keep me warm.

Seems everyone is using cupcakes for their subject matter, so I thought I would try one too. I really like the colorful nature of these little treats. Next month I have a cupcake chunky book swap coming up over at mailartworld, so I thought this would get me in the mood to start painting some for my swap buddies. I have to create eight in all. Better get cake-in, huh?!

Thanks for stopping in. You're visits mean so much to me. Really they do!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Halloween Swap

Hi all. Hope you're enjoying the amazing colors of fall and the crisp weather. Really today it's rather soggy here and not very crisp. It's more of a cold day so I'm hold up in the house working on Buddy designs and relaxing a bit too. The pile of laundry on the bed keeps calling me to be folded, but, frankly I'm ignoring it.

These are a couple of postcards I created for the Halloween postcard swap over at mailartworld. I will never be as fantastic at collage as my buddy Roc, but, I'll keep trying. The first one is called "Shellie the Skellie's Favorite Mask" and the second is "Bo Peep Clown Skellie". I think the second one is a bit disturbing, but, then again, it's Halloween and what better time to bring out the creepy stuff, right?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Funky, Fantasy Flowers

This week I actually had a moment to play around with some art. What a nice change of pace from the activities I have been doing for the last month. Between trying to finish up our basement project and getting my Slumber Buddies going, I haven't set aside any creative time at all. Shame on me. If you are familiar with my work from the last year or so you know that I have been playing with flower and other botanical shapes. It's fun to see what kind of weird unusual things I can come up with. While I'm working on these images I catch myself wondering if they are in fact all that fantastical. Perhaps somewhere in South America or in Africa, there is a flower or leaf that looks like mine. There are some very strange looking animal and insect species on earth. Why not plants too?

This card was just for fun.

...and these three cards were made for a trade with one of my atc buddies over at atcsforall. We agreed to do a tryptic of three cards using the theme of "fantasy flowers". She commented that after seeing this, a great thud was heard in the land and the local handsome firemen had to come and revive her. Shucks, that made my day.