Monday, November 17, 2008

The nice thing

Slowly, I have come to realize that creating art for the sake of art is rewarding both personally and financially. I have been playing around with collage for a few years, and now that I am getting back into freelance work, I have found that all that experiementation is paying off. I created this piece for a client who is trying to promote recycling in their area. The entire image is made from materials that I found in my recycling bin or papers that were made from recycled materials. Well, everything except the base surface. I wanted that to be neutral pH, so I chose a heavy weight illustration board for a base surface. I'm excited to see the final printed piece.

This is a photo of my latest Slumber Buddy design. Her name is Ellie. Call her an alien or a monster... whatever you like, but I really enjoy her bright color and circular antenna. I'm working on another one in green with two antenna. Should have it posted by the end of this week. That's my youngest, posing for me with the pillow. I thought he did a pretty good job faking sleep, don't you? Sitting still can be a difficult task for a wiggly six year old.
Tonight I'm working on some pages for a chunky cupcake book that is due this week to my friend Roc. There are eight partipants including myself and I have to say I'm really looking forward to the returns on that. Come back soon and see how they turned out.
See ya later.