Thursday, March 12, 2009

Greetings Blue Fans

At my kid's elementary school, a handful of dedicated moms decided it was time to start a much needed after school program 2 days a week. It began about a month ago and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Enthusiastic kids just showed up and seem to be coming out of the wood work... or orange and green panelling in the case of our outdated school. On one day we have homework help and on the other we alternate between some sort of sports activity (kickball for example) and an arts and crafts project. After one of our days playing with homemade play dough (thank you Jeannette) we came home and continued the fun. Here are some photos that we took of the stuff we made at home. I plan on taking more photos of the projects we make at school to post here. The kids are so creative and uninhibited. I love that about them.

This is NOT a toilet! It's a basketball hoop with an automatic ball return built in.

The office re org project is 80 percent complete. I ran out of steam and insight so decided to finish at a later at an undisclosed and undecided date. How's that for being noncommittal?

Over at Amusing Muses I am participating in a chunky book swap called "Monochromatic Blue". I just finished my pages this morning and couldn't be more surprised at how different they are. More proof that "melange" is the right studio name for me. Mixed media pages using mostly blue were the primary criteria for the swap. I'll be doing the next mixed media monochromatic RED swap too. It was fun and I already have some pages that are primarily red. If yellow ever comes around, that might be a bit challenging.

"Blue Mood"
Wouldn't it be interesting if bobby pins were used by aliens as body jewelry or even perhaps antennas of sorts?

"My Favorite Pair of Jeans"


"My Favorite Time is When You Just Laugh, Laugh, Laugh"



"Sea Energies"
I thought it might be neat to do a stained glass kind of technique so the image below shows that. I used vellum and dye markers to get the effect.

Thanks for stopping by. See you next time.