Saturday, November 10, 2007

"Show Us Your Little Girl Shoes" and "House Swap II"

Loraine's Mary Jane

My Keds

If I Had a Daughter

Easter Shoes

Patty's House


Jake's House

Do you know what "Jimmies" are? My friend Wendy told me that they are the little sprinkles you put on ice cream or cakes back east. They just don't call them sprinkles. There is even a page on Wikipedia about them. Funny!

I just finished these cards this week for a woman named Judithann Illingworth. She is the "host" for the swaps and really does a great job with them. I'll be hosting a swap too in the near future, but, I haven't decided what it will be about yet. The ones that seem to really get great returns are the collage or "medium" specific ones, like drawn or painted only Zettis. I was thinking about maybe "belly button myths -- hand drawn and painted only". If nothing else it would be very interesting to see what kind of returns people come up with.