Sunday, September 14, 2008

ABC School Days Postcard Challenge

No time to chat tonight, but, wanted to share this goofy postcard I made for the school days postcard challenge over at mailartworld. Normally I don't do collage, but, thought I would for this one. I'll be curious to see how she goes through the mail with those funky cut corners.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Modigliani makes me sad.

Recently I joined a postcard trading group at The idea is to create a 4"x6" postcard that will make it through the mail. The postal stamps etc that get added to the card in transit are intended to add to the flavor of the card. Above are a couple that I made this last week. More cirular images.

Something else interesting... I was researching ancient symbols this week for an illustration assignment I picked up. I stumbled across some information about native american medicine wheels in Alberta that were made out of stone. The really great thing is that many of the markings that appear on my circular art resemble the medicine wheels in Alberta. Do-do-do-do.... (Twilight Zone music). All the more evidence to me that my circular art is a mind clearing meditational process for me. My husband says you can take the girl out of Boulder, but, you can't take the Boulder out of the girl. That's a good thing I would say.

I just finished making the following cards for a swap at Man, it was really hard to get them done. I've been in a really good mood lately and I had a hard time painting sad. Ya know?!

If Modigliani ever did close ups, I imagine they might look something like this.

I've also been messing around with more swashy floral cards for a little balance in the anti-Modigliani mode. I really enjoy this light and airy style. It's so fresh and carefree. It also helps me deal with summer's nearing end. Wahhhh! Although fall IS pretty darn nice. Even if I don't live in Vermont or New York state.